Veranstaltung 11.12.2015

Workshop „Causal Identification in Social Research“ von Prof. Felix Elwert, Ph.D.

Causal Identification in Social Research

Prof. Felix Elwert, Ph.D.
(WZB Berlin Social Science Center / University of Wisconsin – Madison)
hält am Freitag 11. Dezember 09 – 17 Uhr im HS 4
eine Vortragsreihe zum Thema

Causal Identification in Social Research


Causal identification is the missing link between (mechanistic) social theory and statistical estimation. Identification analysis reveals whether a causal effect that is predicted by a social theory can be estimated by real data. This workshop introduces graphical causal models (directed acyclic graphs, or DAGs) to help social scientists conduct rigorous identification analyses. This course empowers applied social scientists to answer questions such as, ‘what variables must I control for,’ and ‘what variables must I not control for’ to answer a given causal question.
This course stresses careful thinking about social theory as a precondition for empirical estimation. The course informs the construction of regression and matching models; the course does not include software exercises. Participants will discuss many real social science examples.
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